Who am I?

I am currently studying for a degree in Education and have been assigned the investigation topic: How does a Higher Family Income Advantage Learning? The idea being that a more affluent family is far more willing and able to spend additional costs on their children’s education.

Rather than pages and pages of notes all containing pointless political answers from officials who will have me tongue tied I think it best to begin my research where it matters – with the parents of children currently in education.

I am hoping that with a Blog, easily accessible and widely available (and your continued support), I can gather useful information and produce a report based on the facts of current education for young people. Consequently, any opinions or advice you have would be greatly appreciated and carefully considered.

I have complied a survey to try and assess the importance of paying for additional help for students. It is very short and is a starting point for my subsequent investigation.


Thank you in advance for your assistance, opinions and time.